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"In today's complex and fast moving world, what we need more than foresight or hindsight is insight."

BrandView Communications is a consultancy founded by Laura McGowan Fry.  Laura is a customer insights professional who specializes in digital strategy, ux testing, and market research.


This morning I enjoyed reading a Fast Company article, "Why you Should Work From a Coffee Shop, Even When You Have An Office", by Wesley Verhoeve.  The article calls to light the many benefits of working from a local coffee shop along with some etiquette  lessons for doing so.  

What Verhoeve didn't address was the wise, savvy business acumen of the king of coffee shops, Starbucks.  Not only does Starbucks "not mind" us using their space as as office, they digitally encourage us to linger.

5 Green Stars to Linger

5 Green Stars to Linger

Starbuck's Smartphone app allows us to pay for our coffee, engage with their brand via free music downloads, coupons, a free coffee on your birthday.  And for those who have purchased a coffee or tea via the Starbucks app, at lease thirty times, receive the benefit of free refills during their stay.  All they need to do is flash the app at the barista and a refill is coming right up!

Now, what I am most curious about are the real psychological and physical reasons why many of us are at our productive and creative best when banging away on our laptops in coffee shops across America.  Yea, I know many will tell us there are fewer distractions, the chairs are comfy, etc., etc., .... but really, what are the real reasons?